Thank you

When I launched my campaign, I knew the issues I wanted to bring to the forefront and the conversation I wanted to elevate. I entered this race on a mission to change the trajectory of our city, how it manages its finances and generate a conversation about what type of leadership our city deserves. To every single person who gave a penny of their hard-earned money or a second of their precious time, thank you for believing in a better Nashville. After speaking to Nashvillians across the city, I can confidently say the conversation started. Nashvillians are hungry for a bold, courageous leader who will choose people over politics every single day.

I was overwhelmed by how well my vision and message resonated with Nashvillians. It was an honor talking with every voter at every door, engaging the community at every forum, and attending tens of dozens of coffees with each of you. Throughout this campaign, I heard how many people in this city feel the same way. We deserve a Metro government that works for us and honors our hard-earned tax dollars.

Thank you for believing in my team, thank you for believing in our vision for the city, and thank you for believing in me. This isn’t just a moment. This is a movement. And even though we didn’t have the outcome we had hoped for, I know the conversations we began and the light we cast on Nashville’s issues will outlast this race.

The only way this city gets better is when we are all part of the conversation. Your support and belief in our campaign means the world to my team and me. It was an honor to earn your support and include you in our voices to change Nashville.

Thank you,